Topic: What are the steps -- From Start to Finish

People will ask; what are the steps to start and finish a project.  Here is a sample of what we do when we are creating a project for a dealer.

•    Line drawing of the In and Outs of the NION.
•    Hardware list (CABs, NIONs and NIO-Cards).
•    Scope of Work or Narrative of System (this defines what and how things are expected to work).
    o    Any changes from previous should be documented for additional or lower programming costs.
•    Timeline of deliverables.
    o    First draft of Project.
    o    Final draft of Project.
    o    Other deliverables (such as PageMatrix file)
•    Testing Project.
          This is a project that has all the input and output Flyoffs, with a pair of routers in the middle (I've attached a sample).
•    List of expected algorithms and expected signal flow.
    o    Are there Ambient Level Sensors, Room Combiners, BGM, etc?
    o    Any Python or logic ladders required.

Probably missing something, but the above is most of it.


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