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Hi, I'm using a crestron to send commands to some nions.
Is there a facility within Nware that I can use to observe the receipt of those commands?


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Telnet or serial?

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With telnet, no.

There is a tab within the NION that says Net Ctl RATC2 that will at least tell you if you have a client connected as well as Bytes in and out, plus Commands and Errors.  But no buffer to display commands as they come in.

What I usually do, to check incoming strings, is to take the NION down, set the IP Address on my computer and then open the telnet into my computer to monitor the incoming strings.

Another thing to look at is the reply from the NION to Crestron, to see if there an error is being reported back to the Crestron.  Here is a link for error codes;


Most common mistakes;
User Account does not have Network Control Access -- Enabled.
Using default telnet port 23 instead of port 1632.
Not setting up a network protocol on the NioNode.
Finally, not setting up any Control Aliases.

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Make it intuitive, never leave them guessing.