Topic: Npa file transferability ?

If I need to downgrade a Nion n3 (being used without XDAB functionality) to a Nion nX,
will redeploying the same npa file out of the old n3 into the new nX be safe and stable option ?

Anyone tried this before?



Re: Npa file transferability ?

Hi Chandru,

As long as you have not used the XDAB device in your project file anywhere and the NION nX is loaded with the same I/O cards and CobraNet/Dante card, you will have no problems loading the file written for the NION n3 into a NION nX. For that matter, it will work in a NION nE as well, again as long as all the card I/O matches and no XDAB is used.

Likewise, you can take any project file written for a NION nE, nX, or n3 and deploy it to a NION n6 with no problem.

Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios