Topic: Nions with CobraNet on GigaByte Network

If each device is transmitting one bundle,
there may be up to 184 transmitters active simultaneously (for a total of 184 bundles).
If each device is transmitting four bundles,
then only 105 transmitters can be active,
although they would be producing a total of 421 active bundles.

So, if I have 18 Nion units on my Gigabyte network with each unit transmitting simultaneously:-

1) 1 bundle with 4 channels in multicast
2) 2 bundles with 8 channels in unicast
3) 1 bundle with 4 channels in unicast
4) 4 bundles with 1 channel in unicast

am I within the Cobranet protocol limitation or am I exceeding it ?

Are there any specifics that should be addressed by the network guys, to ensure zero communication errors ?



Re: Nions with CobraNet on GigaByte Network

Hi Chandru,

Your problem is going to be with the Multicast traffic. You need to reduce it somehow.

Your 18 NIONs, each transmitting one 4 channel bundle as multicast means that you will have 72 channels of multicast traffic arriving everywhere on the network, all the time. This single function overwhelm the CM-1's 100Mb Ethernet connection.

If you can reduce the amount of multicast traffic somehow, the rest of this system will work just fine, as long as a single node is not overwhelmed with traffic.

Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios