Topic: Knowledge Center for 1.7.1

Hi everyone!

The Knowledge Center has now been updated for the 1.7.1 release on the website for both desktop and mobile.

If you are using the mobile/touch version directly from the website (and not the installed version), please read on...

If you have opened the Knowledge Center on your iPad or Android tablet before, it will have cached the old table of contents in localstorage. You need to clear localstorage and reload the Knowledge Center before the new contents will work properly.

Once the storage has been cleared, you will see a "Loading contents, please wait..." message the next time you run the help, and you're good to go.

Clearing localstorage in Chrome under Android

1. Tap the menu button.

2. Tap History.

3. Tap CLEAR BROWSING DATA (at the bottom of the screen).

4. Select the "Clear cookies, site data" check box.

5. Tap Clear.

Clearing localstorage in Safari under iOS

1. Open Settings.

2. Tap Safari.

3. Tap Clear Cookies and Data.

You should also delete and recreate any old shortcuts you have created using the "Add to Home Screen" feature.

Clearing localstorage in a webkit browser (Chrome/Safari/Opera) under Windows/OSX

1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+I on Windows or CMD+OPT+I on Mac to open the Dev Tools.

2. Click Console.

3. Type localStorage.clear();