Topic: Document (pdf) formats

To all,

How many people have printed the documentation pdf's?  I keep all of mine on a tablet.  Hence,

1.  Would it be possible to remove the margins?

2. The 'Device Reference' has 'Purpose / Device properties / Controls' TOC entries for almost all devices.  These entries really lengthen the TOC on iOS devices, and often they point to the same page.  Can they be removed?




Re: Document (pdf) formats

Hi Greg,

I provide the documentation in PDF format primarily for printing hard copies of manuals. There's a margin on each page, so you can hole punch it and put it in a binder. The page count of each manual is even, so that you can select the "booklet" option in Adobe Reader and print off a manual, then fold all the pages in half to create a smaller, hopefully more convenient book.

Although you can view PDFs in Acrobat Reader, my aim is that users will normally read the content in either CHM format in NWare or web help format on the website. The content is exactly the same as the PDFs in each case - just some of the screenshots are removed from the CHM version to keep the format of the procedure topics as neat as possible.

On iOS and Android, there's a special viewer for the Knowledge Center help, which is designed to make it clear to read and easy to search and bookmark (using favourites). I'm also planning to provide an installer for iOS on the App Store soon, so you'll be able to take the Knowledge Center with you on your iPad when you don't have wireless access to the Peavey Oxford website. This coincides with a new version of the iOS / Android help viewer, which will be available soon. Here is a preview for you, which should be easy to use in Safari or Chrome on your iPad:


Let me know what you think, and if you still require any tweaked PDFs.

Best regards,