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New user who has inherited a project looking for some clarification and advice...
We have 2 N3s, each with 16in/out, both are fully loaded and the processer is running around 98%. We are going to add a third to  alleviate this. My question is, what is the best way to integrate this new N3? My plan is to use the xdab to migrate 20 outputs to the new Nion. These 20 outputs are all for mics throughout the building. Does anyone have any input/advice?
Thank you in advance!

(sorry for the repost but I think this forum is a better fit for my question)


Re: Distributing processing power via xdab...repost

If you are a new user, I highly recommend going through the online training modules that are available here: MM School

The training is free, you just need to sign up for it.

Also, go ahead and get that third NION, then use it initially as a test bed for you to work with to better understand how the system works. This way you can test things and try things out before actually destroying your whole system by trying to tie in the new NION while not totally understanding what you are doing.

Good luck and have fun!

btw, I deleted your other post because I was going to move it here and you posted the exact same thing here as you did there.

Josh Millward
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Re: Distributing processing power via xdab...repost

Thanks Josh-
I've gone through the training modules, and will enroll in the certification training for this august. But I didn't really see a direct discussion of the best way to implement the Xdab in this situation. I've also read the manual, reviewing the Xdab section several times. I guess I'm looking for advice just to make sure I'm on the right track with my plan for the new project or if there is a better/different way. Thank you.


Re: Distributing processing power via xdab...repost

Well, let me say this first...It is hard to use up (98%) two n3 configured as you do, 32 in and 32 out, spread out as 16x16 each, you  have me wondering what exactly is being done, so I would like you to call and talk it thru with us.

That said, there are no fast and hard rules about how best to configure your project, or how to best use the XDAB.  Consider if you had two ballrooms, and so just a few inputs and outputs need to be shared across the XDAB, then 16 x 16 each would be a good plan.

But instead it could be a single large ballroom, then having the inputs in one NION going to mixers for each room, and then to a room combiner, then thru the XDAB to get to the output processing and out the NIO-8o cards in the other NION.

But a 32x32 could be a big conference room, with a little input processing, and then into an Auto-Mixer, and on to the XDAB.  Next would be a big Matrix-Mix, with the last step being output processing.

If this was a new install, I would suggest testing (an emulation will show how much DSP and memory is used) a n6 with 4) NIO-8ML II for 32 inputs, and then 2) CAB 16o for 32 outputs.

So what's right?  Well with NIONs and NWare, for every "right" way to do it, there are 5 other ways that are just as right.


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