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I was wondering if anyone had worked out how to control a fader by using an up and down button? I would like to have buttons that make a fader go up or down by 1db.


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Just added a new plug-in topic;

http://www.peaveyoxford.com/forum/viewt … 2610#p2610

It does what you ask, but more and better....

But the attached directly answers your question.

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Re: Button control of a fader

However, if you simply want to bump a control up or down by only one dB each time you press it:

1. Copy the control you want to manipulate twice.
2. Right click on one of the two controls and choose the Control Properties.
3. Select the type of control to be "Button - Up" or some variation thereof.
4. Instead of "Toggle" choose "String" in the options section and use the text string "++1" in the available text box.
5. Adjust the size of the control to be something useful and sizeable enough to hit with your finger on the touch panel I assume you are programming for, generally a size of 54 x 54 pixels to 72 x 72 pixels is a nice size.
6. Click on "OK" at the bottom of the window.

Now, after you deploy or emulate the project, you will be able to click or press on the button and each time you hit it, it will go up exactly 1dB. If you want it to go down 1dB, you do exactly the same thing to the second copied control, just use the string "--1" instead of "++1". As usual, quotes are not used in the text box, they are used here to delimit precisely what goes in the text box.

If you are looking for more features than this very basic functionality, then look at the link that Scott posted above.

Good luck and have fun!

Josh Millward
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