Topic: Crossfade global presets and NOT Audio


Had a quick mush through the threads, pretty certain i can't see this one, so here goes!

I've had a good crack at trying to get this to play out in Nware and no luck, might just be me not being able to see the wood for the trees but hopefully you can shed some light on this.

We are running Global presets in our design to switch between 'night' and 'day' modes.

When we switch from one mode to another or between any other presets we have programmed, we obviously 'snap' from that preset to the next which, when the music in the hotels is playing, can be very abrupt.

As this is a complete preset change for all the controls, it needs to be run through Global preset recall (Unless you have folks have a better suggestion) and I'm just looking to 'fade' so that the change can be smoother and less noticeable.

Any suggestions as to how to fade the transition times between presets?

Thanks in advance and look forward to some inventive suggestions.


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Re: Crossfade global presets and NOT Audio

Hi Matt,

I'm personally not really a fan of using "Presets" be they global or Sub presets for exactly this reason. There is no way to execute a time based change from one preset to another preset. Preset changes just happen... NOW.

What I prefer to do instead is use things like a ramped router to crossfade from one source to another and a gain ramp to shift from one level setting to another. These devices can be activated by recalling presets or (I prefer) snapshots. This way the devices are instructed to shift from one value setting to another value over a period of time. These devices are readily available in the device list. I do suggest playing around with these devices so you can get a better understanding of how they work.

In the end, by changing your approach to your application, you will end up with a much nicer and more friendly solution. Certainly, those sudden changes in audio source or audio level can be surprising and disconcerting for people who are not expecting them... and your customers should not be expected to know when that is going to happen.

Good luck and have fun!

Josh Millward
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