Topic: X-Ware Manual??

I've noticed in X-ware help pages there really doesn't seem to be much on how to use the switching, and control grouping stuff, for front panel controls.

I have seen people set up (sub windows?) where they can copy and paste controls and meters from different devices, so everything is grouped on one page, then have presets and such assigned to buttons and knobs or external controllers.

I imagine once one gets the hang of it its pretty easy but I can't find the information.  Any help would be appreciated.


Re: X-Ware Manual??

I'm not sure if you're still here antone, but I was wondering if you ever managed to figure it out? I am currently looking at using the CV control inputs on the Xframe 88 as well and like you said the xware software is vague at best. haha


Re: X-Ware Manual??

The Xframe 88 manual has a section on external control.  It offers information on
the physical ports and the software device that relates to them.  Here is the link
to download:
http://peaveycommercialaudio.com/produc … ne-Outputs

Maybe it can provide the help you need to configure the CV inputs in Xware.