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Here is a slightly different wave file player. This player repeats the same wave file a specific number of times. I had put this together at the request of a customer who needed to do just exactly this.

-Counting Wave File Player-

This is a 48kHz 16Bit Stereo Wave file player for the NION. It plays one track only, but you can specify the number of times that track is played, up to 100 times. After the specified number of plays, the cycle stops and waits to be started again.  You will need to fill in the information in the violet fields.
"File Name" should be filled out as noted below.
"Repeats" should be an integer from 0-100, inclusive.
"Zero" should be the number zero.
"Current Play" indicates which play is currently in process.

If you put the wave files into the "Media" tab in NWare, you can simply type in the name of the file in the "File Name" space. If you use FTP to load the wave files into the NION, you should format the text in the "File Name" space like this for a file called "music.wav" remember, capitalization is important!

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