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Hello Folks!

This section of the forum is dedicated to the sharing of NWare plugin files (.npp).

An NWare plugin is a simple way to share a piece of NWare programming in a reusable format. For more information on how plugins work please see the on-line help here - http://www.peaveyoxford.com/kc/#10945

Currently for the forum is read only for non approved users.

Each post should contain the appropriate .npp file(s) attached and a brief description of the purpose of the plugin.

All plugins are provided as-is and without warranty or fitness for a particular purpose. With that said please feel free to provide your feedback so plugins can be improved over time.

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Re: The Plugin Forum

Oh boy! This could be a really fun forum! I've got a whole pile of things I should start uploading. Thanks for taking the initiative to get this started Stephen!

Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios


Re: The Plugin Forum

Hello Josh,

Glad you approve and thanks for getting the forum off to a great start!