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If when working with the NION nE you find yourself missing the front panel, you can use the attached HTML "Virtual Front Panel" to see what it would look like. Just double click the HTML document and it should open in your default web browser.

The code assumes the default NION nE IP address of, if you've changed this you'll need to edit the HTML with the correct IP address.

Let me know if this is interesting or useful to you?


----------- Update - The forum does not allow files with a .html extension to be uploaded? So you'll need to rename the attached from .txt to .html

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Re: NION nE Virtual Front Panel

Nice trick, I like it.


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Re: NION nE Virtual Front Panel

I like it too.
Even with nX, n3, n6 I'm going to use it in training.
The advantage over the view in the Web Interface is that it updates itself.
Thanks Stephen!!

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