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Hello all,

I've been working on a version of the Knowledge Center that is more suited to viewing on touch screen tablets and phones.

Please try it out from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Blackberry etc. and let me know what you think. Here's the link:



- a wireless connection is recommended.

- on the PC you'll need to use Google Chrome or Safari, i.e. a webkit browser, rather than Firefox, IE etc.

The development platform I use is called Sencha Touch. It will also allow an installer to be built for the various operating systems. This'll mean the possibility of viewing the content direct from your device without the need for wireless or a mobile phone network connection.

All feedback welcome. Enjoy!



Re: Knowledge Center for touch screen / mobile devices


I've made a couple of updates to the help viewer:

- Long press on the topic screen to hide all the toolbars (reading mode)

- New option on settings screen for showing or hiding breadcrumbs (to help with navigation)

The version here: www.peaveyoxford.com/kcm is updated and there is a new Android installer here: www.peaveyoxford.com/kcm/Knowledge%20Center%20Mobile.apk.




Re: Knowledge Center for touch screen / mobile devices


The Knowledge Center help for touch / mobile devices has just been updated for the 1.6.5 release.

As well as the new content, there's also an update to the layout: subheadings now have shading to make them clearer. This is especially noticeable in the release notes.

When testing, I've seen that the appearance of the subheadings may not be exactly right on some devices, so if you notice a problem on yours, please let me know.

All feedback welcome.



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Updated online Knowledge Center mobile files, plus new apk now available.

Fixed a bug on the search page that meant no results were found when the user chose individual books to search across.



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I've updated the KC mobile help for the 1.6.6 release and fixed a number of bugs in the viewer:

- Multi-word searches only highlighted the first word.

- Quoted phrases didn't find exact matches. Now this is supported in the PHP search system available at peaveyoxford.com/kcm.

Note: The search in the APK installer version is JavaScript based and doesn't support exact phrase matching -  quoted searches are treated the same as unquoted ones.

- Subheading formatting sometimes 'bled' into following paragraphs, changing their appearance.

- The Go button on the phone/tablet virtual keyboard did not submit the search form.

- Window sizing issues (especially with the Favorites window).

- Favorites now correctly scrolls to the end when you add a new favorite.

Some new features:

- When you tap a search result, it is dimmed, so when you return to the results, you can see which results you have tapped. This is handy if there are many you want to try and you're going through them one-by-one.

- Updated help for the viewer.

Android installer available here: www.peaveyoxford.com/kcm/mmkcm.apk.


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I've updated the Knowledge Center mobile help viewer for iOS and Android:


This version introduces some new features:

- Adjustable split screen display for tablets, showing the contents and topic on the same page.

- Much more responsive swiping left and right between the contents, topic and search.

- Search the Peavey Oxford forum as well as the help and tap to read threads.

- Call right through to MediaMatrix Support from the Support button (via Skype or phone dialer).

- Drag favourites in the list to reorder them.

- Large images are automatically sized to fit the device screen width. (You can still tap to view an image in a scrollable window on phones.)

- Help explaining how to use the new viewer.

The new Android installer is available here (56MB): www.peaveyoxford.com/kcm/mmkcm.apk.

The installer now includes PDFs of all the manuals and datasheets, and will install them automatically on your device when you run the help for the first time.

If you uninstall the app, the PDFs will be removed from the device automatically.

Please post your feedback here.

Thanks for your time.



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What about Windows tablets and phones.....

Make it intuitive, never leave them guessing.


Re: Knowledge Center for touch screen / mobile devices

Hi Fergy,

Sencha Touch, the technology on which the KCm is built, lists Windows Phone 8 as a supported platform:

http://www.sencha.com/products/touch/fe … ce-support

If you have a device running Win 8, please test the KCm and let me know if it works.




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You can now download the Knowledge Center Android app straight from the App Store and Google Play:

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mediama … 18034?mt=8

https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … peavey.kcm