Topic: New CobraNet Firmware for NIONs Only

There is new CobraNet CM-1 module firmware available for use with NIONs :

This firmware,
Rev firmware for use with Rev F. CobraNet modules or earlier and
Rev firmware for use with Rev J. CobraNet modules,
will be the standard release for NION CobraNet modules going forward.

But it is designed to fix a particular problem that only occurs when a NION is used in an XDAB cluster while it is both the XDAB master and is also a CobraNet performer.
If you are using a NION as an XDAB Master and CobraNet performer and are experiencing occasional XDAB renegotiations resulting in mutes or 'bangs' then you are encouraged to update to this new firmware.

The fix involves a change to the rate that the XDAB clock is adjusted to insure that the XDAB clock supplied by the XDAB Master/CobraNet performer remains stable throughout the XDAB chain. This problem will be most evident on large CobraNet networks or on CobraNet networks that experience large variability in beat packet forwarding delay. if you are experiencing such problems then you may also have a network configuration problem that could also be correctable.

If this scenario matches your situation and is familiar to you then you are encouraged to update your CobraNet firmware.

The firmware is available for both Rev.F and earlier CM-1 Modules or Rev. J CM-1 modules.
Please be advised that these two firmware versions are incompatible. Loading Rev J firmware on a Rev F module and vice versa will render your NION inoperable and require factory service.
Please use the latest version of CobraNet Discovery to update the firmware in order to prevent any update errors.

The latest version of CobraNet Discovery is available here: http://www.cobranet.info/downloads/disco/405

The new firmware is available here: http://www.peaveyoxford.com/public/CM1_Firmware.zip

Unzip the firmware files to the firmware folder of CobraNet Discovery while CobraNet Discovery is NOT running.

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Re: New CobraNet Firmware for NIONs Only

It is  awesome!  I will give a try. wink
I've been suffering from XDAB problems.
Hope this new firmware can solve all issues.

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Re: New CobraNet Firmware for NIONs Only

This could be the fix i've been looking for.

Will let you know in due course.

It already sounds better