Topic: Room Combining Tip

I just wanted to share this little tip I just figured out...

If you have several rooms that you would like to combine with one another in any configuration, how would you do that in NWare?

Well, in this case, let's assume there are 7 different spaces and we want to combine them in any combination. How many theoretical "walls" do we need to create in the room combiner device?

The answer for our example of 7 rooms is:
NoR = Number of Rooms
Walls = (NoR - 1)+(NoR - 2)+(NoR - 3)...(NoR - NoR)
Walls = 6+5+4+3+2+1+0
Walls = 21

This will give you exactly the right number of walls to be able to connect any room to any room in any combination.

Very handy for when you need to "combine" two spaces that are not actually physically right next to one another but still need to behave as though they are combined.


Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios