Topic: NWare control page design


i was hoping i could get some hints and tips on designing control pages
i'm trying to standardize how my company designs the control pages / user interfaces

some specific hints i could do with are the following:

we design all our systems in AutoCad using drawings supplied by the client
it would be nice to take those drawing clean them out and use them in NWare to place control buttons / faders in the appropriate room according to the drawing

can anyone give any ideas on the proper way to do this
at the moment i clean up the drawings and then export the drawing to a bitmap and import to NWare
i use a image editor to change the size to 1024 x 768 but it still doesn't quite match up with the border that is provided in the Kiosk Layout controls

some screenshots of designs would be great to learn from
and i think it would be great to start showing designs on the forums so you can send clients here to look at examples of what they are getting in terms of user interface and also to show off