Topic: Using NION IP Comms Processor with network serial server

I managed to get a NION to work with an XPCOM1 serial server by RS485.com. Before you do anything, the XPCOM1 (server) needs to be set up from its web interface for proper IP address and COM port settings. The default TCP port number is 9100 and I see no reason to change it.

Once you get the server configured, simply point the IP Comms Processor to the servers' IP address on port 9100 and you're in business. If you need a carriage return in the string being sent, use the hexadecimal ascii character number preceded by a hash (#). It ends up looking like this: mycontrolstring#0D. The same goes for line feeds and any other unprintable ascii character. Line feed = ascii 0A so put #0A wherever you need a new line.

I have successfully tested the XPCOM1 with RATC2, PASHA, and serial and IP Comms Processors. Communication is bi-directional and so far, seamless.

The XPCOM1 has one RS232 and one RS422/485 port but only one can be used at a time. The server supports only one TCP/IP session at a time.

If using a serial Comms Processor, set the Serial Control Protocol in the NioNode properties to None. The NIONs RS232 port must be in control mode in order to use it with a Comms Processor.

There may be other serial servers that work as well but that is yet to be determined.

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