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I have looked in the knowledge center, and the help within the Nware application about this.  There doesnt seem to be any real extensive explanation of how the room combiner processor works.   I am having a little confusion on "how" to utilize it properly.   I have inputs and outputs on two seperate NION's for 5 rooms.   I am trying to create a room combiner for these 5 rooms.   Should I be putting all of the inputs through the XDAB "before" I place them through routers/mixers?  To avoid cross wiring when compiling the project?   What is the best approach when room combining?   Just thought I would post this for some thoughts.


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This post should be in another category, but I will go ahead and answer, and let others move it to where it belongs...

Best practice would be to decide on which NioNode should the Room Combiner be placed.  Then mix all of the inputs down to individual room outputs on the NioNode where the input resides.  Now use the XDAB to move any signals that are not on the Room Combiner's NioNode to that NioNode.  After the Combiner, use the XDAB again to move signals back to the NioNodes where the outputs reside.

It's not as hard as it sounds, just takes some thinking to get it right the first time.


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Makes perfect sense.  Just needed a bit of clarification to wrap my head around it.   Thank you Fergy smile


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What has helped wrap my head around it in larger jobs (where RC's could live on multiple NIONs) is this: a room combiner is just an bunch of NxM mixers with the walls controlling the mute buttons.  In other words a 6x4 room combiner is really (4) 6x1 mixers.  When room 1 is combined with room 5, input 1's mute button on the 5th mixer is unmuted and input 5's mute button on the first mixer is unmuted.

It sounds complicated but press CNTL+Q and watch those mute buttons for yourself on the mixers.  Then, you can break any connect with XDABs where appropriate.

...just a bit more food for thought.




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I have recently done some very large room combining set-ups of 25 rooms over 14 NIONs in 4 separate rack rooms using cobranet to tie it together. I brought each room's inputs to a mixer at the input box so that I had a "mix" of each room, then sent the room mixes to the NION containing the room combiner module (not Peavey's, I used my own) wheather it was via XDAB or cobranet, makes no difference. Then sent it back out as the combined signal to the output NIONs. The real trick of it is to make sure you take very few hops (cobranet or XDAB) from input signal through to output signal and whatever hops you take are consistant as much as possible. If there has to be latency, better it be consistant. Shouldn't be a problem with XDAB, but could easy be big over cobranet.

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So realy I did exactly what Scott said

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