Topic: Licenses about Control Matrix

I have two Q-Host in different Systems.

I checked the licenses in the different Hosts.

One Host has the license called 'Generic Singage', and another one doesn't have it.

At first, I didn't know the function or the privilege about this license, till someday when I did some test with TAPC protocol, I executed the command 'x l n.... ' and 'x s n ....', but the following things exceed my expectation:

I didn't receive any  echo message from a Q-Host, but I received the echo messages from another Host, such as:
And I was puzzled... I checked and checked....

Finally..I found the different config about the two Host, One has the 'Generic Singage',and another one doesn't.
I thought that I don't get the echo message may be relate to the 'Generic Singage' License.
Then I did a test to verify my conclusion:

I deleted the License 'Generic Singage' from the Host which echo messages, I executed the TAPC command again, and It can not echo me the message before. I added back to the Host, It can echo me the messages.

Through those test.... I get the conclusion..  'Generic Singage' License is relevant to the echo message..

In my system, I have to use the echo message. If what I said above is correct.. I have to got another 'Generic Singage' License.

Does the License Free Or Pay?

How Can I Get It?

Any Help is Appreciated!
Thanks, and Good Day!


Re: Licenses about Control Matrix

If you would like to purchase another Generic Signage license, it is done the same way as ordering anything else from MediaMatrix. The Generic Signage license is called "GSM-10" and it is item number 00510850. Please contact your dealer for pricing.

If this is the correct solution to your needs, I do not know... however, I just wanted you to know that it is certainly available.

Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios


Re: Licenses about Control Matrix

Thanks for your reply!

I got the license, and it works...

We got it fixed!