Topic: Importing and Exporting control settings in NWare

I do not know how many of you know this. I just learned about it the other day so I figured that I should share it with everyone.

You know how it would be very handy to be able to import and export all the settings of the various controls in NWare? Well, it can be done with surprising ease! Even when dealing with relatively large devices like 300+ tap FIR filters. Obviously it is a bit time consuming to go through and set each tap by typing in the number or rotating the knob. Especially when you have one of these for each output of your system.

All control values can be copied out of NWare or pasted into NWare in the format of "tab delimited text". So, if you are using a spreadsheet (perhaps Excel, that's what I used in addition to Notepad for my testing purposes) to calculate all your values, if you layout your spreadsheet to output all the final values in a single row, you can directly copy the values and paste them into NWare. To paste them in, you need to be in "Gesture" mode, and have either deployed or emulated the project. Then, open the device and select the controls you want the values pasted to and choose "Ctrl+v" or right click and choose "Paste".

You can also select a bunch of controls in NWare whilst in "Gesture" mode after deploying or emulating the project and choose "Ctrl+c" or select "Copy" from the right click menu. You can now switch to your spreadsheet program or Notepad or whatever text editor you are using and choose "Paste". You will see the values from your system entered as "Tab delimited text".

Check it out and play with it a bit... it seems to be a surprisingly handy tool!

Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios