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Ok, I was interested in getting some *REAL* info regarding the Audinate Dante protocol, so I found their official website. Wow, I've heard people complain about Cirrus' lack of support and information regarding CobraNet, but the audinate.com website has got them beat hands down. Talk about worthless. I don't care how cool a product may be, if I cannot get *USEFUL* information regarding how it works so that I can correctly design a system to utilize it, you can be sure I will never use it nor can I in good faith recommend it to anyone else.

So I propose this question. How am I supposed to even consider your(or anyone's for that matter) Dante interface product knowing that
when the rubber meets the road, and I'm in the rack room at some ungodly hour and the stuff doesn't work, I have only some useless marketing babble to help me out?

Sorry if I am out of line, but I was *REALLY* disappointed by their website. Given you guys are one of their direct clients, I would recommend trying to encourage them to get some documentation in order.


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Hi, Chris Ware, VP of Engineering at Audinate here.  We understand your concerns about the lack of information on our website, and I appreciate you letting us know of your frustrations. We are aware that the current website is limited, and does need a complete revamp. We are a rapidly growing company, so we are working on a new website that will provide much more information that we hope will address your concerns. I will post here when it is up and running. In the meantime, please keep in mind that it is in everyone's interest that users have a good experience with Dante as it is introduced in the Nion.

We are also planning to run a Webinar in February, that is aimed at presenting the many advantages and benefits of Dante to consultants and installers, and explain why it is causing quite a stir in the industry.  I will post details of that here as well, when dates are finalized. 

– Chris.

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Hi Chris,

The new Website looks great,well laid out and easy to find the info you need. The FAQ sections are useful and the further access to more 'in depth' material when registered is fab - good job.

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