Topic: Question about Buddy Link connections

Greetings all, I have a question relating to the "Link Connections" topic starting on Page 21 of the CAB4n hardware manual. It would appear that I can connect a phantom-powered microphone to an input port on two CAB4n units simultaneously and not have any problems relating to circuit loading or phantom power. Or am I missing something?

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Re: Question about Buddy Link connections

Oh man, you're not actually reading that manual, are you???

I'm just kidding... you are correct in that you simply parallel wire the source to both CAB4n's. Even in the case of the Phantom Powered Microphone, you can connect it to two inputs and turn on the phantom power on both inputs. The microphone will work just fine and it will not be damaged. In fact, the only difference that the microphone can see is having twice as much phantom power current available.

Just remember to set the "Buddy Link Mode" on the "Advanced" tab in the CAB 4n taxi device from "Disabled" to "Buddy Link" in the redundant CAB.

Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios