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I wonder if anyone knows how many wave file players (stereo) you can run at the same time on a Nion Nx?

We're going to use a Nion Nx in an exhibition (I don't have the gear yet) and we're going to play quite a bunch of pre-recorded material. My options are either to play the files from within the MediaMatrix, or to use a separate player and just run the audio through it. I have my doubts on have many channels of audio you can get from the CompactFlash.

Can anybody help me?


Re: Wave File player

How many players are you wanting to run at the same time?  There is a limit to how many WAV Players can be inserted into a project (max of about 7 mono players for the nX, and that is pushing it to the limit).  You can have far more WAVs saved as Media, and I believe you could play them two or three WAVs at a time using players with snapshots (I have a demo project showing this, send an email, and I will pass this on to anyone who has interest).

We can also assist in upgrading any Compact Flash to the 2 gig size (it will still be awhile before 2 gig NioNodes flow into the market).  We will not be listing this 2 gig upgrade in the catalog, and we don't discuss pricing/costing in this forum, but it is not a big cost.  Please contact your factory rep for a price.


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Re: Wave File player

Would the Nion Nx's maximum limit of 7 wave file players operating at the same time differ in the N3 or N6 ??