Topic: Understanding Nion communications

I may be having a brain-fade, but is there detail of the traffic associated with having NioNodes and NWare on a network anywhere?
There are general comments in the Pandad Primer, and the User Guide appendix, but not everything.
Maybe I'm just spoiled by "Working with CobraNet"! Something similar to that would be great.

Here's an example of the sort of questions I get (and I'm sure others do too):

We recently purchased and installed a new Media matrix system that is able to be connected to our LAN for the purpose of controlling our PA/Audio system via the Network.

We have discovered that a lot of Network traffic is been generated by the system and consequently causing our Network to run very Slow.  It seems that the system is trying to broadcast "whois packets" constantly to an unknown address.

Is there any configuration requirements for the Media matrix system that can stop/reduce packet broadcast or can you recommend something that we should look out for?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How would people respond?

I'd explain about how tiny the discovery packets are, and politely suggest that if this is breaking the network, maybe there's something else wrong.
It would be better to be able to flick him a document, though.


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Re: Understanding Nion communications

I'd suggest placing the Nions on their own subnet and allow specified IP traffic from your control hosts to reach the Nions. A router or layer 3 switch would work fine.