Topic: A way to alleviate the Nion CPU Load

On site with a Nion Install recently i had an issue with a persistently high System load value, measuring between 4.0 and 5.5 typically.
These values seemed very high for the little resources which where being used and of course very concerning, considering you can run into trouble with anything over 2/2.5 
The system in place was a single N6,the project was very control light with no python,Kiosk,RATC, or PASHA control. There was only a handful of Control Operator devices and one small Wav file in the Design.

I found by reducing the Control Frame Rate and GUI Poll Rate the CPU Load dropped considerably to around 1.0

To do this go to File==>Project Properties(Properties if using 1.2.X), there you will see "Control Frame Rate" and "GUI Poll Rate" the default is 30 and 10 respectively.These values are the amount of updates per second.

I reduced the CFR to 10 and the GPR to 5, with a deploy the CPU Consumption reduced immediately.

I found with this particular Project if i reduced the GPR to a value of less than 5 communications became a little Flaky, with the intermittent message "unit not responding" when the compiler is examining the system and comparing settings.

Of course the effects of Tweaking these variables will differ from Project to Project.

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