Topic: How to use the "image control" control style

The "image control" control style allows you to display arbitrary images and control which images are displayed. Any image imported into the Media tab can be displayed by entering its name as the string value.

Follow the procedure below to create an image using the generic control with the "image control" control style. You can then use Python script to automatically generate these images.

1. In NWare, click the Media tab and ensure there is at least one image media file in the list.

Tip: If there are no files, you will need to import one. Right-click the Media tab, and then click Import. Specify an image file name and it will be made available on the Media tab.

2. Click the Devices tab, then add a generic control of type "string" to the page.

3. Double-click the control icon to open it.

4. Right-click the yellow icon, then click Control Properties.

5. Change the type from "text box" (the default) to "image control", increase the size to make the object easier to see on the page, then click OK.

6. Click Emulate.

7. Switch to gesture mode.

8. Click the Media tab to display the available image media files.

9. Click the image control on the page to select it.

10. Type the name of an image media file from the Media tab and press Enter.

The image will be displayed in place of the default purple image control icon.


Re: How to use the "image control" control style

it's a very cool function, i was importent 10 Peavey logo BMP files for revolving effect (about0*.bmp) from C:\Program Files\MediaMatrix\X-Ware\bmps  and make follows python code link to the "string block" in"image control" option (don't forget click the threaded selection), we can got a revolving logo :

while 1:
   for n in range(0,10):

so, if you put your company cartoon logo in NWare GUI that's very cool. right?

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